Tattoos that are in Trend!

Getting a tattoo is not only a style statement but also a way to express your belief, thinking and the phase you are going through in life. Have a look at few of the types of tattoos that most people today love to have:

  • omMoksha Tattoos
    Recently in trend Moksha tattoos represents the breaking away from the circle of life. Moksha can be interpreted as a state of nirvana.
  • Religious Tattoos
    Most people get religious tattoos inked is to express one’s religious beliefs in a creative way.
  • Celebrity Tattoospc
    Getting the same tattoo as
    your favourite Bollywood/Hollywood celebrity is an ongoing trend these days.
  • Quotes Tattoos
    Quotes are not only popular in India but also worldwide. Getting a small or a long quote inked on your body showcases your psychology and thinking towards life and yourself.
  • Butterfly Tattoos
    butterflyButterfly tattoos signify elegance, beauty and grace. The vibrant colors on the butterfly wings are eye-catching and soul soothing. It is mostly popular among teenage girls.
  • Animal and Pet Tattoos
    Girls these days have a soft spot for their pets. So, with the use of cute designs and quotes, they permanently ink the memories and love of their domestic pets.
  • Birds and Feather Tattooslove
    This theme seems to be the one of the most popular among girls. The idea of a soft, delicate yet strong and ambitious feathers seems to appeal to a lot of woman out there.
  • Love and Couple Tattoos
    These kinds of tattoos seem to be the most controversial ones. People don’t consider their age, background or even their future when they get such tattoos inked.